How To Start Hiring?

Start Today For a Great Future

Whether your project is big or small. One of our Pro will always help you get it done at the required quality and affordable cost. To start hiring you need to be log in as an employer. Registering is simple and easy. You can register with your Facebook  or gmail account

  • How do you ensure the service providers are trustworthy?
    1. We use MIE to verify the identities, addresses and bank accounts
    2. We do reference checks
    3. We visit previous projects
  • Since you list guys standing at either corner of builders warehouse or street corner, how do you know if the quality is okay?
    1. We go at length to ensure  that we verify the skills claimed by our professionals. As pro4me we also guarantee the work if you hire us to manage the project on your behalf
    2. Pro's are not paid if you as a owner is not satisfied with the quality of the workmanship (i.e. we only paid once you are satisfied)
  • Why do I have to pay the quoted fees to your account?

    This we do to protect you. The money is not paid to the professional until you confirm that you are comfortable with the quality of the workmanship

  • What if I have a dispute with the Pro?

    Our portal is built to ensure that all dispute a lodged and resolved in accordance to our dispute policy.

    We also come and meet you and the Pro to resolve any disputes


Making Serious Profit as Pro

Manage Your Profitable Account

Our aim is to make you grow your leads and being found by many users looking for the services you render. 

The customer visit our website, list their job and request a quote from you. The customer can also chat with you regarding a job. As Pro you have the option whether or not to accept the Job. 

  • Why do I need to provide copy of my identification document (ID)?

    We are a trusted workplace. This we do ensure the safety of Pro4me customers

  • Why do I need to provide references?

    References with help vouch for the quality of the work and previous work experience

  • Why are the customer paying my fees directly to you and how do I get my money?

    This we do to protect you and the customers. The money is paid to our accounts and released as soon as the customer confirm that their happy with your work. The amount is paid immediately as soon as the customer has confirmed the quality of the workmanship

  • Do I need bank account to be paid?

    You do not need to have a bank account to be paid. The money can also be paid to you in cash